jopo montro sembur suwuk ilmu joyo kawijayan pengasihan


  Welcome to my blog      

I am just an ordinary person, I just write to fill the time off, not daydreaming.
Here I try to rewrite the customs and tribal culture that exist in Indonesia. And all of this comes from Indonesian history books or from indigenous tribal books in Indonesia, so this paper fits with the original source. No change in meaning, 
Because Indonesia is very rich in culture, tribe, food, and natural beauty. For that the world must know, so many foreign tourists come to indonesia.dan so that Indonesia is famous in the world

And I write this english is also still learning so if there is any wrong or wrong word hopefully anyone tells it. And hopefully my writing is useful for many people

If there is a wrong word or or wrong in writing the language, I apologize as big as .. Greetings from me

This is indonesia
mas suryono